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Big in the Sky

I can remember feeling so much peace and assurance years ago when someone shared with me that God doesn’t keep his will a secret from us. My early adult years were filled with actions of a spiritual detective hoping I was on the right clue trail. Relief came after being taught God wants us to ask His will for our lives and He will be faithful to reveal it, I began to pray just that. One day after praying such a prayer I can remember asking God to “write big in the sky.” I wanted to make sure I was still following that clue trail. I must say I’ve had some answers revealed to me through situations so bold they couldn’t have been missed, just like they had been written big in the sky.
This week after praying with a young friend for God to reveal to her His will for her vocation, I added in the prayer “Write big in the sky, Lord”. After we finished praying, I remembered for just a glimpse those moments when He spoke loudly to me. The memory of those times brought great joy for those few moments. However the significance of those words did not linger in my thoughts.
Just days after that prayer, I began experiencing a very troubled time. A time when I  knew God was calling me to be obedient. Yet I wasn’t quite sure what that obedience needed to look like. I didn’t have time to “look to the sky.” Words needed to be said, actions needed to be taken, as well as decisions had to be made. I found myself in warfare and quickly searched my heart and head for wisdom. Unfortunately, I found my heart and head untrustworthy. My emotions and head flooded me with images that might not have passed a litmus test for spiritual truth. It was in these moments, God granted me wisdom through His word. Passages I had read and studied months back came to my rescue. They rescued me from my battered emotions that would have directed me to be the victim. They rescued me from my mind that may have insisted for clarification of words being spoken. God’s word spoke to me louder than reading a message He could write in the sky.

If it is possible, as much as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.
As soon as I could get a moment to myself, I searched for the verse God brought to my mind and I found it in Romans 12:18. I knew it had to be my anchor in all decisions I faced that week. It provided me with a path that I knew would be God’s will. Many other verses were used to guide me out of troubled waters. They reminded me that although I couldn’t see the end, I was walking in the correct path of obedience. I was reminded today while reading the scripture in my devotion that I was not led by voices, dreams or even a sign so big it would be hard to miss. I was led by God’s word.

Judges 6:37-40
You must not be led by voices, dreams, and fleeces.
Thankful today for all the sky script through the years and extra grateful for the voice of truth spoken by His word!  2 Timothy tells us all scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, connecting and training in righteousness so that servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. By the grace of God I was blessed to experience the usefulness of God’s word yet again.

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