Why Glory Glasses?

Perhaps you are wondering why Glory Glasses?

Let me explain, my mother passed away months after my birth. I have always been intrigued with any detail or description of her life. I seem to ”take after” her folks tell me. I think that thought has always increased my intrigue. Early in my adult life my maternal grandmother gave me a pair of my mother’s glasses. I remember opening the leather case and carefully pulling out her frames. I am sure you can guess what I did next. Of course, I put them on! My mind immediately had the thought of my mother viewing her surroundings through those cat rimmed gold frames.
Now fast forward 20 years. God began doing a healing in my heart making rest with His sovereignty. Through someone’s testimony He showed me, no matter our circumstances, He is powerful enough to heal, protect and most importantly His love is always present. God granted me literally an “It is Well “ moment. I began to see my life through His lens. Not long after I began to teach others these same truths. He reminded me of my mother’s glasses and how my desire should be to view my world how He views it.
I would have never imagined me ever writing or doing a podcast. Most importantly, I would have never imagined the depth of peace I feel with God sovereign hand directing my story. My prayer is God’s grace will pour over every word spoken and use it to minister to listeners.

The glory of the Lord is to be the light among our midst. I hope everything spoken encourages you to take a few steps back and see that light. Look at your life from a panoramic view. Put on some glory glasses and ask God to show you His presence in a way perhaps you have never seen before.

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